Quarantine Favorites: “Quarantine-Wear” & Little Home Luxuries

OKAYYY fellow quarantiners ūüôā ….. so we are all livin’ in PJ’s/”house-clothes”, and we are likely doing so much more of what Carrie Bradshaw calls “secret-single behavior” (even if were aren’t single) now that we are all super confined to our homes. I guess it’s really just the way we live when nobody looking-behavior. I myself have been “corona-lazy” to the extreme, hahahaha.

Corona virus meme tweet 2020PIN IT!
As soon as this “quarantine” began we all went looking for some Pajama updates :).

I absolutely live in boxer briefs & a tank with a bralette.

These are my PJ’s , actually. For the past 2-3 years,¬†Boxer briefs are¬†what I USED to come home and slip right into, in just minutes from walking through the door. Isn’t it funny how we love wearing our “regular clothes” (work related or just party related) but we can’t wait to just put on our “house clothes”. It’s just us¬†in our element, …our homes!


Daytime ? // Nightime?

(aka: underwear/loungewear/sleepwear/ covidclothes LOL)

Like I say in the IG story above… I live in boyfriend Boxer briefs, bralettes and tanks. I purchased Hanes from Target, but they seem to be sold out so above are some I also have or am looking to purchase as a refresh. I do own the Cosabella bralette, the Calvin Klein boxer briefs, & the PJ Harlow silky pants and PJ Harlow shorts and like them all and would repurchase them again :).

Daytime supeerrrr basics

These are all you really need to wear at home :). Many times if I have to go somewhere I just put on a jean jacket over my tank, then some pants on-top of my briefs and my Gucci slides (thy’re like my outdoor slippers, lol) and head out the door. I mean we’re really not seeing much of people and most of the time we are just running errands or grabbing food in a drive thru/ or “curbside”. Even if I do see anyone they’re always in “house-clothes” or sweats themselves.

But As I’ve lived in my basics, I have needed to refresh my loungewear and get some sweatpants that were summer appropriate. I purchased and¬†¬†love my “Athleta Salvation Jogger Pants“! I seriously wear them all week long if I am out and about in this warm/hot weather. Also, my super cheap and favorite legging I wear all year round is the daily ritual legging below. I love the wide waistband on these¬†leggings.


Quarantine Skincare

I have to admit, in the beginning of the quarantine, I definitely took better care of my skin, especially since I wasn’t really wearing makeup. Its been a rocky road .. some days I didn’t even wash my face at night… YIKES, no bueno!¬†Now I’m getting back to it.¬†Here are some of my absolute favorites:

1.  The one skincare product  I tell everyone to buy, always!

It is Dr. Lancer scrub “POLISH”. I actually use this daily (evening) and its truly gentle enough to do so. Especially if you wear makeup, this will really cleanse your face at the end of the day. I definitely attribute my skin texture to this magical product. I describe it as a super duper fine cleansing scrub, but you follow up with your favorite cleanser and then moisturize. It’s not cheap but I would not hesitate to but it. very person who I have recommended it and they actually purchased it, loves it!


2. ¬†Here’s my NEW¬†favorite moisturizer. LA MER

I was recommended La Mer ¬†by a dear friend¬†¬†(who has amazing skin by the way). Last summer when we¬†were both in Paris and I looked at her and asked.. “Girl, what do you use? You’re skin just Glooowsss!!” and she said, I told you before … it’s La Mer. I was always hesitant due to the price tag but I splurged as I justified it as part of my souvenir item from Paris.. and eventually realized how insane this product is. Its seriously makes my skin glow too. It’s hard not to keep buying it. This size lasts me approx 3 months and I use a lot more than suggested lol.

3.  I have been really enjoying a toner/ a fragrance therapeutic water.
My absolute favorite is this particular Rose water that’s “Bulgarian Rose”. Research shows that the Bulgarian Rose has the highest benefits for your skin, and many herbalist/ every workers speak to the benefits of rose water and therapy for your heart and overall uplifting of energy. The Lavender water is also very calming and I find that I’ll randomly spray that throughout the day for a little peace and luxury.

Quarantine Hair-Care

Here are my favorite hair care products that bring a little luxe to my quarantine life.

1. the WOW hair product really helps mat crazy unruly (sometimes curly, sometimes wavy) hair stay a lot more tame. I actually found it after @bethanyciotola shared how her beautiful curly hair manages east coast humidity beautifully. SO I tried it and it works great :).

2. & 3. Are “Theorie” products and¬†my new favorite Shampoo and Conditioner. I absolutely love all of the scents and my hair agrees :). The Conditioner is really thick and moisturizing, which is good for my dry ends, especially since I haven’t had a cut. But honestly the scents really are amazing!

Little Luxuries

(to make Quarantine daily life entertaining)

1.¬†I am not really wearing makeup much during the quarantine, but I’m always wearing my favorite ¬†lipgloss :)! Dior Lip maximizer lip gloss. I think it has a minty or tingling feeling on my lips and I love that its from Dior, hahaha, of course.

2. This Diptyque Baies Candle has actually been a favorite for a while. I typically purchase the diptyque rose or diptyque tuberose or even Jasmine in the summer but since I haven’t had the Baies scent for a long time and its fitting for hot weather I chose this scent recently. It too is a more expensive candle, however it can burn for just a few minutes and scent the entire room for a good amount of time. Any candle you purchase from diptyque is well worth it!

3. Lastly is my Fortnum & Mason Strawberry Tea, I use to make “sunTea” like my grandma used to make. It’s such a luxury and reminds me of the times I enjoyed afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason in Picadilly Circus, London.