Yoga Class on Top of Montparnasse Tower, Paris, France

If you want to get some exercise while seeing the beauty of  Paris .. then taking this Yoga class is perfect for you!

While traveling it sometimes can be tricky to keep your fitness up, even with “all the walking” while sightseeing.

I tend to visit my gym a few times a week when I am not traveling, so I try my best to keep up a little more activity when abroad too. It can be difficult because I like to go out at night for yummy dinners & cocktails, but waking up early enough the next morning for exercise is not what typically happens. I mean it goes in my mind kind-of  like this: “yeah … I’ll get up by 7:00am to exercise and then be ready for my day at 9:30am/10am; which will be just in time for all the sightseeing I planned for the day.” But guys it never happens!!! Instead I wake up at around 8:30am/9am which means I’m barely making it to my travel schedule that ends up starting at 10/10:30am. (And it’s even harder to do cuz Anthony prefers to wake up at 10am LOL)

Well if I am not taking a little run around a park, at least once or twice a week, then I am looking for another way to enjoy some exercise like this yoga class…. I suggest it for you too!

Hope you enjoy!



See below some cute Yoga gear I’m into right now too 🙂 -Yoga mats are getting super cute now!