2 perfumes I found in London I couldn’t resist! *from Ex Nihilo and Roja

As the perfume & scent lover that I am, I really enjoy finding unique and exclusive  perfumes when I travel.
Here are 2 Perfume Salons and the perfumes I found I suggest you try!



Ex Nihilo Jasmin Fauve  and Roja Scandalous

I actually spent about 2 hours in the Fortnum and Mason’s  Perfume department sniffing and clearing and sniffing some more.. Until, I found my new favorite perfume. The Roja Scandalous perfume.

I found it here on amazon. 🙂

I never even knew what Fortnum and Mason was until I had a tea there, but little did I know it was a really large shop. I can describe it as a mini Harrods or for those in the U.S. it is like a Barneys of New Nork.

The perfume is a strong, not soft, floral perfume of all different white flowers .

Below is the “chandelier” in Fortnum And Mason’s perfume salon.



I also couldn’t resist the Jasmine Fauve by Ex Nihilo  (*Jasmin perfume) ! I Love how its very another strong scent…strongly Jasmin… almost a completely pure jasmin in scent. I could wear this scent all year round. If you can stop by an Ex Nihilo perfumery you should.



Tell Me what your favorite scents are…. I love floral and fresh! Let me know XO!!