Chateau de Versailles: Evening Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors

SO as you may know .. I have been to Versailles many times already, but I never knew that there were special private events, like when I went to theย Bastille day event *ahhhhhhmazing!ย, and when I saw the Serenade event in the Hall of Mirrors that I wanted to go. I then discovered that every Saturday night the Gardens are all light up and theres actually a fireworks show! This is all included in the ticket for the special event of the Serenade. This is truly a way to see the main parts of the chateau without all the crazy crowds. Take the opportunity if you can. It happens during the Spring and Summertime. Check the calendar ย and hope you enjoy. I actually booked my trip here based off of this event and the fact that although I have been to Versailles many times I somehow missed the fireworks show.. but not this time!!! ๐Ÿ™‚