Accessorize your desk with fun office supply organizers & gadgets


You’re at work, at your computer and likely at your desk for hours and hours every week… What do you see on your desk?

I’m not talking about the pile of papers to the right side of your desk that you have yet to file or toss out… but the pencils, pens, paper clips, stapler and it goes on. Where’s all your stuff? In the junk/top drawer? Or in that black mesh desktop organizer from the office supply store?

1. Cleaning it all up.  Well, over time I realized my desk and work area is important to me. I want, keyword WANT, it clean and minimal but I just have a lot of stuff going-on on top of my desk. So, after throwing out supplies I don’t use, I find that if I utilize pretty, unique or covered holders for my pencils and other office supplies, my desk does get closer to that cleaner and minimal look.

2. Repurpose what you already have.  Around my home, I found a pretty little white lace etched candle holder to utilize as my paperclip and small object holder. (The white holder also matches my desk. I purposefully chose this because I find that when you keep things matching in color and monochromatic- things will look cleaner). I also found a smaller flower vase that has a gold pedestal bottom with a clear cup that I now utilize as my pencil and pen holder.  Keeping in line with the flower vase and covered storage, I found these faux flowers that I now place on top of my pencils to add a feminine touch.


3. Or go out and have fun shopping for unique office accessories. It is so much fun to shop at the local mega office supply store but I suggest you try something new. Try finding supply holders and accessories around your home, at your favorite furniture store, your favorite clothing store…Or even better online.

Here are some suggestions for cool offices accessories online:

It’s about thames desk organizer set, $54.99

You sunk my USbattleship hub, $20.99






Current online sale “A Touch of Texture

(Sale ends soon but the website often has sales with unique holders, baskets and boxes)

Shell tile tiny boxes (2), $17

Flat bone inlay green box, $79





Multiples pencil holder, $48

Sleepy hollow pencil cup, $16








Besom Holder, on sale $49.95

Pragmatic vase, eat cake, $48





Bounce doodad cup, $4.95 each

Format desk accessories, $7.95-$69.95

Curve dual-line handset, $49.95






Dry Erase Board-Clock, $13.95

Hubman $8.95


Happy searching, shopping and creating a happier workspace!

*I would love to see your desk accessories so send me your pictures and comments in the leave a reply box below.