Il Buco, Beverly Hills


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Il Buco, Beverly Hills

I have lived  around the corner from this place for a while but never really thought to go in until recently. One friday evening I was craving good italian food and this place was nearest, so I thought… why not try it. I am glad I did. The food was delicious. And of course I ordered a bottle of wine, since every friday bottles are 1/2 off.

To start, I had the fried calamari, which is a classic appetizer in any Italian restaurant in America. Il Bucco’s fried calamari is not too greasy, which I really like. I also ordered the pasta with seafood (“Spaghetti Almafiltana”), which was so delicious! I highly recommend it. It’s not overly saucy and the pasta seems to be homemade. ( I am not sure if it is but I wouldn’t doubt it). The seafood is also pretty large and yummy! (see pic above).

On another occasion, I did return with some great friends to enjoy another delicious meal and bottle of wine. This time I ordered the Branzino. It was so yummy and very healthy. The fish was cooked perfectly. It basically melted in my mouth. It was very fresh and light, without any overly creamy butter sauce, (see pic above). If I am craving italian and want to go somewhere on the healthy side… I’ll definitely come back here and order the Branzino!

Also, one of the best things about this place is that there’s absolutely no rush and everyone is very friendly. This is a restaurant where they really encourage you to take time while dinning. The service is very onto of their game as well. The wait staff is very friendly and they check to make sure you’re happy with every aspect of your meal.

I would also consider Il Buco a great date night restaurant. The place is on the dark side and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and their food.

To rsvp or not?…The first time I dropped in without a reservation and they were very welcoming, but I had a feeling I was on the lucky side to grab a table. The second time my friends made the reservations and we got a great booth in the main dinning room. I definitely suggest making reservations on a friday night. Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!