Lollapalooza Paris

See my video experience at Lollapalooza in Paris 2017!

My friend Olivier & I headed to Lollapalooza in Paris this past weekend to have some fun …eating drinking and dancing. Little did I know it would also be my first time on a motorbike! How cool is that? I never imagined I would even get on anything other than a vespa, but here I was headed to Lollapalooza and around Paris on a bike. It was exciting !

See the video of us going around the Arch de Triomphe down the chamselysees and the  eiffel tower at night! It was amazing 🙂



Headed to Paris?





Ok back to the concert. I would have to say that I have never actually been to any other festival other than SXSW in Austin, Texas in the US. SXSW actually isn’t held in one fairgrounds type of arena or area. It actually takes over the entire main downtown with events held at different venues, so there are plenty of room to wander. I have seen all the pictures of other festivals in the US and I thought to myself, I hope I’m not going to be annoyed with too many drunkards & flower-crowned fools all day– cramped in one fairground. But nope, I had lot of room to roam around without being smashed against too many sweaty people. I think it was because the venue still had tickets left for sale and it was the very first Lollapalooza ever in Paris.

See here to find different Lollapalooza locations and dates:

We got to the venue around 5:30pm and were satisfied with our experience. I didn’t feel the need to be there at 12pm when it actually started. Here’s who we watched in order. (It was pretty easy to go between the stages).

The Roots

Imagine Dragons

DJ Martin Sloveig (my first time hearing his music and it was great!)

The Weekend