Trianon Palace, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Versailles France

Trianon Palace, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Versailles, France REVIEW

Simply put, the hotel is a very dreamy place and atmosphere. There is nothing more you could want out of your stay in Versailles. It is truly one of a kind palace just a few steps from the Gardens of Versailles. It is comprised of 2 building, ( a main house and a newer building) with a beautiful underground pool and sunbathing terrace, a Guerlain spa, and a michelin starred chef’s restaurant…. with, as I mentioned, the bonus of being steps from Marie Antoinette’s private Chateau and Versailles gardens/Lake.





See my video here…

you will really know what to expect from your stay :


The Rooms

As for the rooms in the newer building, they are very spacious and nice; but they also can be considered standard in comparison of many upscale hotel rooms. What I mean is that they are a typical size of an American hotel room, with typical hotel modern furnishings, pretty french chateau windows and upscale toiletries. There are special features I mention below in “my favorite things”, but overall the decor is pretty and modern and the windows are espeically “French Chateau Chic”.




The Spa, Amenities & Pool:

I will admit that the hotel is so nice that I feel relaxed without actually craving any spa treatment… So I have not utilized the actual spa.  But I definitely made it to the pool. 🙂 Before, on other trips, I spent soo much time at the castle and gardens, etc., that I did not ever make it to the pool. Make sure you make the time on your trip to take advantage of this unique creation within this hotel. And watch the video I made… you will see how you can travel underground to the underground pool and sunbathing deck. You would never realize that you were underground. I didn’t completly realize it until I saw the dome of the pool it from my own room. It is so cool.



The GYM:

The hotel recently upgraded all the equipment since last year when we came. I really really liked the Precor type of machine and the treadmill. Note: If you choose “excercise”then “objectif”  you can choose time, calories or distance as your goal. The stretching room/ yoga room is really relaxing and unique because just outside of the windows you can see the little baby goats.



The Breakfast Buffet:

It’s yummy! Don’t miss it!! I find that breakfast Buffets in Europe tend to be much nicer than in the US, unless we’re talking about the Beverly Hills Four Seasons and hotels as such. They really go all out. You can get anything from custom omelets, eggs Benedict, yogurt, pancakes, crepes, croissants, bacon and so much more. We were provided the breakfast as part of our room rate. (approx. 200 Euro/ per night). I would also suggest adding it to the room if you plan to eat in the morning.

MY Personal Favorite Things about my stay:

(*aside from being practically part of the gardens of Versailles).

  • The Gordon Ramsay Au Trianon restaurant was absolutely an event  and not just a dinner, and the food was so delicious. See my Bastille Day in Versailles Post to see more.
  • Your view of the main house from the non-main nous building (sorry I do not know what that building is called exactly, but its the newer building)! We’ve never stayed in the main house, but from the other building, it’s really nice to see it from your windows.
  • I love their Ferragamo toiletries! they smell like CKone but a little softer.
    One random thing that I really like is the closets… the light turns on when you open the door
  • And finally it does help to have a selfie mirror… HAHAHA!
Things to watch out for:
  • Make sure that you utilize the concierge but don’t assume that they’re going to tell you everything and do your research on their website for the palace before you go. You can purchase day passes to the palace to concierge for convenience. ( heres the website Calendar to make sure you’re not missing anything while you visit.
  • As far as food, make sure that you bring that you bring snacks and stuff with you because the restaurants are very pricey in the bar food isn’t the best so you’re better off bringing sandwiches or snacks save money wants to have a little bit more control what do you want to eat.
  • For late-night snacks there’s a limited menu at night after 10pm, because the kitchen is closed, so many of the things that you see on the late-night menu are not available.
Food outside the hotel
  • There are food options when you get to the park of  Versailles ( La Flotille *highly recommend when at the park) near the lake so that might be your go to for lunch, and they can provide “take- away” food for you to picnic as well.
  • Going into the village, there is a little grocery store nearby the hotel, if you prefer to shop for food and make your own little picnic.
  • I also really recommend La Boeuf de la Mode near the Trianon Palace Hotel. Its really good traditional french cuisine and the service is nice too.


PIN IT!Plannng your time at the Chateau de Versailles and Garden:

Visit the Chateau de Versailles.. so here are notes that will help you on your visit :

I RECOMMEND 2 FULL DAYS for your Versailles trip. (If you want more relaxation time, want to enjoy the Trianon amenities or have kiddos then 3 days would be even better).

When you visit the main Château, the smaller chateaus and the gardens you will realize that it’s deceptively giant… meaning you can spend probably a whole week and still discover new gardens and cool little areas. Be sure you wear really comfortable shoes and head out early. I would suggest three days, personally: One; day the Château and and nearby gardens close to the main Château, Second Day; then go to the Grand Trianon the Petite Trianon and (that can easily take a whole afternoon) and then maybe the Third day go to the lake and gardens near the lake. This may seem like a lot but its a lot of waliking from one place to the next which takes a lot of time and energy out of you and I think its better to relax and and enjoy your stay.

There is a small tram/train that will take you to the Petite Trianon all the way to the lake or to the palace for 4 euro per person, one-way. We highly recommend it. It will save you about a 25 minute walk to the main Chateau.

Chateau de Versailles Special days:
  • During the spring and summer (approx. May-Sept.) on Fridays and Saturdays, all of the fountains are on and accompanied by the music as well. Make sure you come on Fridays and Saturdays!
  • From June to September on Saturday nights the fountains are all on and lit up and there’s even a firework show at the very end of the night. I believe it starts at 9 PM. You have to buy tickets to that completely separate from the main ticket of the grounds.
  • In the spring and summer months there are “spectacles” which are events and I really recommend any of the firework shows. It was probably one of the best shows I had seen.
  •  On Mondays, the main Palace is closed, so if you come on a Monday you might just relax in the hotel or go to the lake a row around.


Here’s a map for you visit: