Westin Europa & Regina, VENICE ITALY Review

Why I chose the Westin Europa & Regina, VENICE, ITALY:


Like most, I looked online and really considered star ratings and pictures… SO in all honesty that’s why I chose this hotel… simply because of pictures oh & location, location, location!

Your location, while on vacation, can really mean a completely different type of vacation. For instance if you book a place (whether through Airbnb or a hotel) near the beach you intend to visit, you won’t have to lug all your stuff back and forth, and going between tours/excursions is made easier.  Overall your valuable time saved for relaxing. Better locations typically means higher costs so you’ll have to just weigh it out for yourself. For my first time in Venice, I splurged for the Westin & I was so happy to do so.




Why I would stay here again:

  • gym
  • proximity to luxury shops, *usually means a well kept area
  • proximity to the main areas of San Marco
  • Free water taxi ride to Murano, and private tour of a traditional murano glass factory (See here for my Murano trip via the Westin)
  • AMAZING breakfast
  • Views of one of the most famous basilicas in Venice
  • Room with a view, considered by locals as one of the best views in all of Venice from this hotel


Can you see what I see? I mean, I hate to admit it but when I left Venice I realized I didn’t even go inside this Basilica because I felt as if I had seen it all…but in fact I just seen it every time I looked out my window. I only realized this after I left – Opps. I guess I just have another reason to go back. 🙂 Our room number was 356.

Getting from the Venice airport to the hotel…   

There are no airport transfers from the airport to the actual hotel. (It doesn’t seem typical of any hotels to provide for this service. I also found out that there are laws that prohibit some boats to carry luggage for unless they have a license). You will have to pay for a private Taxi yourself or use the water bus/public transportation called the ACTV. I have seen many water taxis take some people while I was waiting for our waterbus to take us… but I figured it out… it only makes sense if you have a group of people or a family to do this. If it’s just 2 people getting to your hotel then the waterbus will cost you approx. 7.5 $ euros person. Otherwise the private water taxi is approx $70 from the airport to a San Marco hotel/location. If I had a family or a group of 3 I would splurge since its about a 35-40 minute ride and would be a very grand entrance into the main area of Venice, especially after a long flight with luggage and all.



UM… the Westin Europa & Regina is pretty much one of the best locations. As I mentioned the view is one of the best, if not the best view from the ground in all of Venice. It is steps (.2 miles) from the San Marco square, close to the bridge across to the other side of Venice (Dusoudoro) (* there’s only 2 bridges across otherwise its the water taxi at 70$ Euros to go .3 mile across the water, or you can take the water bus that makes the usual loop and can cost you time).

If you look at the map of Venice, the best thing to do is figure out where you want to go/sight see and book a place near there, but maybe *not completley on top of the crowds. Also take a look at where the bridges are that take you to the other side of Venice (Dorsoduro) or Vice Versa (San Marco).  Dorsoduro is an area with more of the villagers, students and where you can find tons of restaurants. San Marco has most of the areas for sightseeing and many great restaurants too.


Special Tips / Considerations

Upon check-in they can be strict about people staying in the rooms, so if there’s 3 of you but you booked a room for two it will be difficult to pull this off.

The concierge is hit or miss. Sometimes they’re super helpful and other times they’re just existing.

The fact that they offer a special water taxi to other islands ( Westin provided one to Murano the island of venetian glass blowing and their specialty chandeliers famous worldwide)

It’s a Westin and if you’re part of the Starwood preferred group then you can get upgrades and such.

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What to watch for

As I mentioned earlier … the Concierge- get to know the guys that are helpful and ignore those that are just there. There were times when they were super helpful and other times I felt that they just were there. It was a mix that I never knew what to expect.




The breakfast is top! at 40$ Euros/per person I would hope so.

I would totally go back just for the breakfast (LOL).. even if I wasn’t staying there!

I took full advantage of it when I got up and felt like eating a large breakfast / brunch. It can really fill you up till the evening and the coolest part was the champagne and custom omelettes provided with the regular full buffet. I did not pre pay for the breakfast as I didn’t think I would take advantage of it everyday. It is the same cost whether you pay for it as part of your room before arriving or if you pay daily.  SO I paid for it daily. I cannot stress enough..wake up in time to sit for an hour or so.. pick a seat with the amazing view, have a coffee, create your custom omelette or order some pancakes, and after coffee make yourself a mimosa or two 🙂 and only then …head out on your day in Venice.


The Gym



It’s nothing to brag about, but it’s descent and pretty typical of a European hotel gym. I would say it is actually above average for a European Gym, (and most in Venice do not have a gym),  *this may be due to the fact that this hotel is a Westin.

I only took advantage of this gym one morning. This city is literally all on water with no cars/taxis so you can expect to walk a lot. With this said I walked about 4 miles in one day, thus; leave your gym clothes at home. If you choose to work out they have a great option… Rental Gym clothes! WOW what a smart concept.

Rental Gym ClothesPIN IT!

Can you believe such a thing exists?

It’s genius right?!

Don’t worry you don’t even need to bring socks or shoes..just your workout underwear, and its all very very clean. The shoes may even be new and the socks are completely new and yours to keep.

You just choose your sizes for top and bottom and they bring it to you at the time you need them. You can return them or continue the rental per day.



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