The Best Nespresso Machine: Lattissima Pro

Hoe youwatch the the short demo (review) video – at the end I tell you why I prefer / consider this the best Nespresso machine to buy.

It was about 6 years ago, that I originally purchased the Nespresso Citiz and then bought the aeroccino frother separately (as to not take up too much counter space, like if you buy the all in one Citiz and frother combo). I was in looove! I still think its a great machine. Then I bought the “full cup” coffee machine (*Vertuo machine) that Nespresso came out with a few years ago, since a lot of my family members like the Large (Starbucks) type of coffee drink. But I rarely use it myself.

Once I tried out the Lattissima Pro Machine, *(purchased 2.5 years ago for approx. 450.00 YIKES ) I instantly wanted to sell my other machines and replace them. I really couldn’t justify it much since they were working perfectly fine and I thought I would have to admit I had a Nespresso Machine problem LOL.

Well then I really stated to miss how simple it was to make TEA, as I can when in my other place with the Latissmia pro… I started shopping around for another machine- yet it was an electric tea Kettle. They were running 75-150$USD. I then randomly saw that the Lattissima Pro machine for as low as 360.00 – I figured it was such a low cost compared to its original cost at around 800$USD, that I was finally justified….AND SATISFIED 🙂

Now what to do with the other machines… HAHAHA!!!!

Get the Machine asap!

Latissima Pro Nespresso Machine Review: 

IT’s the best Because…

  1. you can pour a good amount of milk and store it in the fridge after frothing…super easy to use & no need to wash every-time you use it.
  2. Allows for a bigger cup of coffee or small shot.
  3. One touch latte, cappuccino
  4. Single shot w/o milk options
  5. Only frothed milk option to control how much steamed milk and froth you really want.
  6. Hot water option and the spout stores neatly inside the machine (no losing it) Great for TEA!!!!

It’s perfect for cappuccinos, shot of espresso, tea, americano cups of coffee, or just a little milk for your tea, and so much more! IT IS THE ONLY NESPRESSO MACHINE THAT GIVES THE HOT WATER OPTION (*update the newest machine does too but you loose a lot of counter space width -wise) .


second favorite machine: the Citiz and separate frother, (and rose tea petals as some had asked for where to get them)
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