A Visit to DVF’s “Journey of a Dress” Exhibit, (Celebrating 40 years of the Wrap Dress) @ LACMA

Red DVF Wrap Dress, Classic DVF logo


Red DVF Dress and Coat


Love Is Life Mirror, DVF exhibit


Feel Like a Woman Wear a Dress

A Visit to DVF’s “Journey of a Dress” Exhibit, (Celebrating 40 years of the Wrap Dress) @ LCMA

I recently visited the famous DVF’s wrap dress exhibit at LACMA. But just before the exhibit opened I gladly found out that Diane von Furstenberg herself would be giving a talk, so I bought tickets to attend immediately. I have been a huge DVF fan, of her clothes and her, for years. I absolutely love one of her infamous sayings: “Love is Life.” I feel this could/should be one of my own sayings too. I also adore her other quotes like: “Be the woman you want to be,” and “Feel like a woman, wear a dress!,” (pictured below in neon lights within the exhibit entry hall).  I mean, …Aren’t you in love too?!

Hope you get a chance to visit the exhibit!


Wrap dress, iconic chain link print DVF

Princess Necklace