Il Cielo, Beverly Hills



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You’ve gotta try Il Cielo! I absolutely love the romantic decor and ambiance of this restaurant in Beverly Hills. And the food was also pretty darn delish!

I have been here before with a girlfriend, a few months back, and thought how romantic it is. I enjoyed having this romantic meal with my girlfriend but thought, “ok it’s a nice place to come with Anthony”.

So recently Anthony and I did go and we both had such a great time. We live just about a mile and a half or so from the restaurant, so it was easy for us to get to. If you visit the restaurant you’ll realize it is at unlikely place for a restaurant of this kind. Il Cielo is along a very busy wide street (Burton Way) that is full of high end residences, apartment buildings and condos.  However with all of the beautiful mini lights, it definitely stands out in the evening. You’ll remember it as that dreamy little restaurant on Burton Way.

That’s how I still remember it… it’s so dreamy. When you enter the restaurant you’ll enter the main room, pictured above with all of the chandeliers and garden like setting. The restaurants seems to be a converted house, now a restaurant, and the main dining room is what might have once been the front yard. You will feel like you are sitting in a magical garden full of romantic lights, chandeliers, and quaint tables within this large open air dinning room where you can star gaze endlessly. But not to worry about rain or cold nights, because it’s all part of the illusion; there is actually some sort of clear ceiling and the enclosed room is full of heaters to keep everyone perfectly toasty. (I would love to incorporate whimsical decor I experienced at Il Cielo into my own home! If you’re a crystal chandelier kinda gal too, you’ll want to check out this chandelier in particular I found online. It reminds me of the ones I saw there, at amazon type of pricing).

The food started immediately, with bruschetta, (yum!), which comes endlessly until you ask for no more. We chose  to splurge for the calamari as the appetizer, which was very well prepared, crispy and not too oily. Then we had the linguine with scallops. The scallops were so large that even though there were not many in the dish, it was enough for me. Because the scallops were so juicy, I would order this dish again and again. And lastly we shared the chocolate “lava style” cake with a scoop of vanilla gelato. I mean who doesn’t like gewy warm chocolate cake and gelato? Yum, Yum, Yum!

Hope you get a chance to enjoy Il Cielo too!

Happy Eating & Drinking!